Rio’s Piri Piri now open in Preston and Holloway

About us

Rio’s Piri Piri is an exciting and up-and-coming restaurant chain in the fast-casual sector which has a primary focus on offering mouth watering, grilled ‘Piri Piri’ chicken

Rio’s offers a diverse menu which focuses on quality, taste and healthy fresh food.

We have gone to great lengths to gather the finest ingredients – from fresh chicken to high quality spices. Our aim is to offer healthy fast food at truly affordable prices.

Authentic flavours

Drawing inspiration from vibrant street food found around the world – from Asia to Latin America – we took our time to develop the zestiest, most authentic flavours to bring you a beautifully balanced menu full of great tasting dishes which everyone can enjoy.

Our Spice Identity Includes; Mango & Lime, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, Extra Hot and Extreme Hot! The essence of our menu is that it offers a variety of quality dishes with a taste that you’ll love, so when you eat at Rio’s Piri Piri, you can trust what you’re eating.

What we bring to the high street is a new type of family-friendly, informal dining experience, where everyone can enjoy good food in comfortable, attractive surroundings all at truly affordable prices.

What is Piri Piri?

Piri Piri is the name used in Portuguese and a number of African languages to describe the African bird’s-eye chilli. Piri Piri which translate to ‘pepper-pepper’ is one of the best known spices and is derived from the tiny chilli peppers that grow in Angola, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the tropical forests of South Sudan & the highlands of Ethiopia. It was introduced to Goa, India by the Portuguese. Blended with a variety of other herbs and spices which results in the range of delicious sauces that we use to marinade and baste our chicken pieces, giving you our fantastically saucy and succulent mouth-watering Rio’s Piri Piri taste.